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    legislation; water policy; planning; coastal zone management; estuarine management; water quality control; habitat protection [1]
    legislation; water quality; stormwater runoff; permits; drainage water; water quality control; watersheds; wetlands; inland waters; intertidal environment; industrial wastes; industries; waste treatment; mining; oil and gas exploration; point source pollution; monitoring; water sampling; construction; erosion control; stabilizing; pollution control; storm sewers; water; pollution; environmental permits; pollution prevention; law; legislation [1]
    legislation; water resources; water management; planning [1]
    legislation; wetlands [1]
    legislation; wetlands; permits; policies; mapping [1]
    legislative advocacy [8]
    Leiostomus xanthurus; Feeding; Growth [1]
    length-weight relationships; Penaeus aztecus; Penaeus setiferus; Penaeus duorarum; seasonal variations; penaeid shrimp [1]
    LEPAGE,Robert;SEVEN Streams of the River Ota,The (Theatrical production);THEATER; [1]
    Lepidochelys kempi [1]
    Lepidochelys kempii [1]
    Leroy Wieting [1]
    Leslie fishing success method; white shrimp; Penaeus setiferus; salt marshes; marshes [1]
    lesson plan -- secondary school [1]
    lesson plans -- environmental education [1]
    levees; drainage; legislation; flood control; legal aspects; land reclamation [1]
    levees; environmental effects; ecology; coastal engineering [1]
    levees; legislation; flood control; legal aspects; land reclamation [1]
    Liberty Ships [1]