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    groundfish industry [1]
    groundwater infiltration [1]
    groundwater management [1]
    groundwater; water levels; water quality; aquifers; water resources; hydrology [1]
    grouper; Epinephelidae; fish; distribution; morphology [1]
    Growth [1]
    growth estimates [1]
    growth rates [1]
    growth; bay anchovy; Anchoa mitchelli; estuaries [1]
    growth; chromatographic techniques; diatoms; toxicity; organic compounds; petroleum [1]
    growth; food; gulf killifish; salinity; temperature; ponds; stocking; fertilizers; biomass; pond culture; aquaria; selective feeding; larvae; rotifers; copepods; ostracods; feeding behavior; size; zooplankton; benthos; hatching; Fundulus grandis [1]
    growth; growth curves; mortality; yield; southern flounder; Paralichthys lethostigma; gulf flounder; Paralichthys albigutta; fisheries; life cycle [1]
    growth; habitat loss; infrastructure; projections; transportation planning [1]
    growth; industries; historical account; statistics [1]
    growth; mortality; oysters; Crassostrea virginica; infectious diseases; power plants; cooling ponds; Labyrinthomyxa marina [1]
    growth; pinfish; Lagodon rhomboides; Atlantic croaker; Micropogon undulatus [1]
    growth; spawning; abundance; distribution; food preferences; Lutjanus campechanus; population dynamics; migrations [1]
    growth; spawning; penaeid shrimp; Penaeus setiferus; distribution; size distribution; white shrimp [1]
    growth; survival; Atlantic croaker; Micropogon undulatus [1]
    growth; trade; natural gas; petroleum; oil and gas industry; oil [1]