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    estuarine ecology; congresses; meetings; conferences; estuarine area conservation [1]
    estuarine ecology; ecosystem; oceanography [1]
    estuarine ecology; guadalupe river estuary; estuarine oceanography; estuarine fisheries [1]
    estuarine environment [2]
    estuarine environment; bycatch; subsidence; wetlands; dredging; man-induced effects; barrier islands; sport fishing; fisheries; food chains; plankton; zooplankton; benthos; nekton; nursery grounds; aquatic birds; oysters; detritus; freshwater inflow; wastewater; nonpoint source pollution; oil spills; watersheds; coastal zone management [1]
    estuarine environment; chemical oceanography; limiting factors; nutrients; nutrient cycles [1]
    estuarine environment; environmental monitoring; pollution effects; temporal variations; ecological impact; heavy metals [1]
    estuarine fisheries; finfish fisheries; catch statistics; fishery surveys; sport fishing statistics; commercial fishing [1]
    estuarine management [1]
    estuarine management; subsidence; pollution; dredging; oil spills [1]
    estuarine mixing [1]
    Estuarine oceanography; Mathematical models; Congresses; wetlands; United States [1]
    estuarine organisms; fish; Cyprinodontidae; freshwater fish; life history; life cycle [1]
    estuarine organisms; molluscs [1]
    estuarine organisms; oil and gas production; brines; oil pollution; benthos; environmental effects; naphthalene; petroleum hydrocarbons; toxicity [1]
    estuarine pollution [1]
    estuarine protection [1]
    estuarine sedimentation [1]
    estuarine sedimentation; sediments; pollution [1]
    estuarine sediments [3]