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    cultch [1]
    culture media - biology [1]
    culture media;Evaluation;Galveston Bay;Marine pollution;Methodology;Microbial contamination;Microbiology;Pollution detection;Q1 01502 Methods and instruments;Q2 02442 Methods and instruments;recovery;Sampling;Texas;USA;Vibrio vulnificus;water;Water sampling; [1]
    culture; fishing; community; history; creole; diversity; population; acadians; cajuns [1]
    cultured organisms; dissolved oxygen (DO); aquaria; growth; sedimentation; temperature; salinity; grazing; power plants; mariculture [1]
    cultures; wastewater; surveys; pinfish; Lagodon rhomboides; Atlantic croaker; Micropogon undulatus; Atlantic spadefish; Chaetodipterus faber; white mullet; Mugil curema; American oyster; Crassostrea virginica; sea catfish; Arius felis; spot; Leiostomus xanthurus; red drum; Sciaenops ocellata [1]
    cumulative impact; data collections; models; mathematical models [1]
    current measurement; Water currents; tidal currents; tidal analysis; tides; harbors [1]
    current velocity; water circulation; navigational channels; salinity; hydrography; dyes; dye dispersion; water currents; dissolved oxygen (DO); temperature [1]
    currents [2]
    curriculum guide [1]
    curriculum vita [1]
    Cynoscion nebulosus [7]
    Cynoscion nebulosus; hooking location; mortality; seasonality; spotted seatrout; tournaments [1]
    Cynoscion nebulosus; spotted seatrout; management; survival; tagging [1]
    Cynoscion nebulosus;egg diameter;Laguna Madre;neutral buoyancy;wet weight;COD GADUS-MORHUA;red drum;BUOYANCY;SEA;LARVAE;WATER;TEXAS; [1]
    Cynoscion nebulosys [1]
    Cyperus entrerianus (cyperaceae); deep-rooted sedge; ecosystem maintenance; ecosystem restoration; fire; herbicide; percent cover; species diversity; species richness [1]
    Cyprinodontidae; reproductive behavior; reproductive cycle; salmonids; sticklebacks; teleosts; tropical fish; reproduction; osteichthyes [1]
    Cyrnellus fraternus;TEXAS;Trinity River; [1]