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      Conservation; Ecology: Environmental Sciences; Freshwater Ecology: Ecology,Environmental Sciences; Nutrition; Wildlife Management: Conservation;FRESHWATER ECOLOGY; PLOIDY; POPULATION STRUCTURE; SPAWNING; TRINITY RIVER; VEGETATION LOSS;grass carp [Osteichthyes]; Ctenopharyngodon idella [Osteichthyes];Osteichthyes: Animals,Chordates,Fish,Nonhuman Vertebrates,Vertebrates;[00512] General biology - Conservation and resource management;[07506] Ecology: environmental biology - Plant;[07514] Ecology: environmental biology - Limnology;[07516] Ecology: environmental biology - Wildlife management: aquatic;[13202] Nutrition - General studies,nutritional status and methods;[85206] Osteichthyes;[85206] Osteichthyes,Pisces,Vertebrata,Chordata,Animalia; [1]
      Conservation; Marine Ecology: Ecology,Environmental Sciences;Gramineae: Angiosperms,Monocots,Plants,Spermatophytes,Vascular Plants;Spartina alterniflora marsh; angle of exposure; area-perimeter ratio; coarse sediments; community size; elevation; estuarine marshes: created,natural; fetch distances; length-width ratio; marsh-water edge ratio; microhabitat; reticulated marshes; undulan;Spartina alterniflora [Gramineae];[00512] General biology - Conservation and resource management;[07506] Ecology: environmental biology - Plant;[07512] Ecology: environmental biology - Oceanography;[25305] Gramineae;[25305] Gramineae,Monocotyledones,Angiospermae,Spermatophyta,Plantae; [1]
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