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    Crassostrea virginica; oyster reefs; oysters; polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs); hydrocarbons; pollution effects; naphthalene; pollutants; polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) [1]
    Crassostrea virginica; parasites; Perkinsus marinus; polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs); hydrocarbons [1]
    Crassostrea virginica; Perkinsus marinus; parasitism; parasites; hosts; amino acids; physiology; biochemistry [1]
    Crassostrea;Crassostrea virginica;DO;environmental conditions;environmental factors;feeding;food availability;Galveston Bay;growth;mathematical models;O 5020 Fisheries and Fishery Biology;Plankton;population dynamics;Population growth;Populations;Q1 01442 Population dynamics;Q3 01583 Shellfish culture;Reproduction;Salinity;simulation;spawning;spring;Temperature;Temperature effects;Timing;Turbidity;USA; [1]
    created wetlands; dredging; marshes; wetland restoration [1]
    creel survey [1]
    croaker [1]
    cross currents [1]
    crude oil production; natural gas production; navigable waters [1]
    crude oil; bacteria; metabolism; carbohydrates; petroleum [1]
    crude oil; construction; environmental impact; pipelines [1]
    crude oil; deep-water port; oil spills; environmental impact; petroleum; distribution [1]
    crude oil; flood plains; wetlands; pipeline construction; environmental impact; petroleum; pipelines; construction [1]
    crude oil; petroleum; oil spills; pollution control; pollution; oil removal; government policy; pipelines; environmental effects; resource management; coastal zone management; environment management; environmental legislation; environmental impact; water quality; water quality control; water pollution [1]
    crude oil; tanker ships; fire; disasters; hazards [1]
    cruises [1]
    cruises; oceanographic stations; ocean stations; cruise stations; oceanographic data [1]
    crustacean culture; shrimp culture; ecological distribution; Callianassa latispina [1]
    crustacean fisheries; identification keys; crustacean culture; crab culture; lobster culture; crab fisheries; lobster fisheries; crabs; lobsters [1]