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      components of state policy [1]
      composition [5]
      compost [1]
      comprehensive assessment [1]
      Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan [1]
      comprehensive environmental impact statement [1]
      comprehensive management [2]
      comprehensive plan [1]
      comprehensive study [1]
      comprehensive study of cumulative impacts [1]
      compressibilty [1]
      COMPROMISE (Law) [1]
      computer [1]
      Computer Applications: Computational Biology; Epidemiology: Population Studies; Parasitology;DermoWatch: monitoring program,online community,website; data archives; disease incidence; droughts; historical data; management implications; parasitism; private leases; public reefs; rains; salinity; tropical storms; water temperature;oyster: common,host [Pelecypoda]; Perkinsus marinus: species,parasite [Sporozoa];Pelecypoda: Animals,Invertebrates,Mollusks; Sporozoa: Animals,Invertebrates,Microorganisms,Protozoans;[00520] General biology - Symposia,transactions and proceedings;[00530] General biology - Information,documentation,retrieval and computer applications;[35400] Sporozoa;[37056] Public health: epidemiology - Miscellaneous;[60502] Parasitology - General;[61500] Pelecypoda;[61500] Pelecypoda,Mollusca,Invertebrata,Animalia [35400] Sporozoa,Protozoa,Invertebrata,Animalia;[64002] Invertebrata: comparative,experimental morphology,physiology and pathology - Protozoa;[64026] Invertebrata: comparative,experimental morphology,physiology and pathology - Mollusca; [1]
      Computer architecture [1]
      computer model [1]
      computer modeling [1]
      computer models [2]