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    business; conservation; conservation organizations; Galveston Bay Plan; industry; local government; resource agencies [1]
    butyltins; bivalves; sediment samples; bioavailability; analytical techniques [1]
    Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts [2]
    bycatch [4]
    bycatch; commercial fishing; fishery data [1]
    bycatch; red drum; Sciaenops ocellata; spotted seatrout; Cynoscion nebulosus; fisheries; trotline; fisheries; byproducts; fisheries; catch statistics; commercial fishing; bait fishing; hooks [1]
    bycatch; shrimp fisheries [1]
    bycatch; shrimp; trawlers; finfish fisheries; invertebrates [1]
    bycatch; sport fishing; sport fishing statistics [1]
    byproduct recycling [1]
    C-MIST; computer software; data management; data processing [1]
    cadmium [1]
    cadmium; grass shrimp; Palaemonetes pugio [1]
    CADMIUM;CARBON;conservation;copper;Greens Bayou;HEAVY-METALS;Houston;Houston Ship Channel;LEAD;mercury;metals;monitoring;NITRATE;NITROGEN;non-point source;organic carbon;ORGANIC-CARBON;OXYGEN;PCB;PCBs;PHOSPHATE;pollutant;river;sediment;sediments;silver;TEXAS;trend;TRENDS;TX;WATER;water quality;ZINC; [1]
    cage culture; mortality; bubble disease; power plants; pressure; pinfish; spot; Atlantic croaker; black drum; red drum; atlantic spadefish; striped mullet; survival; food availability; growth; species; size [1]
    cage culture; power plants; mariculture; survival; growth; temperature; salinity; oxygen; pH; striped mullet; Atlantic croaker; red drum; black drum [1]
    cages; nets; salinity; Florida pompano; mortality; temperature; black drum; growth; food conversion; maintenance; stocking; population density; Atlantic croaker; cage culture; striped mullet; pinfish; blue catfish; redfish; Trichodina sp. [1]
    calcium: 7440-70-2,major ion; chloride: 16887-00-6,major ion; dissolved organic carbon: DOC; fluoride: 16984-48-8,major ion; magnesium: 7439-95-4,major ion; sodium: 7440-23-5,major ion; sulfate: 14808-79-8,major ion;Estuarine Ecology: Ecology,Environmental Sciences; Freshwater Ecology: Ecology,Environmental Sciences;natural waters; salinity;[07510] Ecology: environmental biology - Oceanography and limnology;[07514] Ecology: environmental biology - Limnology;[10060] Biochemistry studies - General;[10069] Biochemistry studies - Minerals; [1]
    California [1]
    CALIFORNIA;CALIFORNIA -- Description & travel;TRAVEL;TRINITY RIVER;TRINITY River (Calif.); [1]