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Faculty Scholarly Works
Galveston Bay Information Collection
Library Special Collections, Marine and Maritime Collection
ShoreNet: Beach, Shore, and Coastal Management Information
  • Diagnosis of the Erosion Process in the Caribbean Sandy Beaches 

    Martí, Dr. José Luis Juanes; Barrera, Ernesto Tristá; Álvarez, Miguel Izquierdo; Camejo, Vladimir Caballero; Hernández, Alfredo Cabrera; Ríos, Adán Zuñiga (United Nations Environment Programme, 2003-03)
  • The Caribbean and Climate Change 

    Bueno, Ramon; Herzfeld, Cornelia; Stanton, Elizabeth A.; Ackerman, Frank (Global Development and Environment Institute, Tufts University, 2008-05)
  • Coastal Management in Australia 

    Harvey, Nick; Caton, Brian (University of Adelaide Press, 2003)
  • Water Resources Development in Texas 1991 

    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Southwestern Division, 1991)
    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is an engineer consultant agency to Congress. Most Corps' water resources projects are developed under specific congressional authorization. When local interests think a need exists for ...
  • Marine Litter Report 

    Surfers Against Sewage (Surfers Against Sewage, 2014-10)

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