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  • Agnes Rust Gordon Smith Genealogical Collection 

    West Texas Collection (2014-01-25)
    Agnes Rust Gordon Smith, 1905-1988, was the owner-operator of the 3R Ranch in San Angelo as well as very active in civic affairs and the preservation of Texas History. Smith helped restore Fort Concho and helped organized ...
  • American citizens' involvement in South Africa during the second Boer war 

    Thornton, Kevin (2012-08-10)
    From 1899-1902, the Second Boer War captured the attention of the American people and featured prominently in news reports and political debates at the national, regional, and local level. Contemporary historians have ...
  • An assessment of the genetic structure of a striped skunk (Mephitis mephitis) population across an urban landscape 

    Brashear, Wesley (2013-08-23)
    Striped skunks act as reservoirs of many zoonotic diseases and are highly adept at persisting in urbanized landscapes in relatively high densities. A better understanding of the interaction between skunks and the urban ...
  • Assessing the construct validity of the situational test of emotional management. 

    Hartman, Michael J. (2011-05-11)
    The current study examined the construct validity of the Situational Test of Emotional Management (STEM), a newly developed measure of emotional intelligence. A logistic regression approach was utilized to assess the STEM, ...
  • ASU 'Military Friendly' Again 

    Nurre, Thomas (Angelo State University Communications & Marketing, 2013-09-10)
    Press release for naming of ASU as 'Military Friendly' school for 2014
  • ASU Named 'Best For Vets' College 

    Nurre, Thomas (Angelo State University Communications & Marketing, 2013-11-11)
    Press release covering naming of Angelo State University as one of the nation's 120 Best Colleges for Veterans.
  • ASU Trumpet Quartet: Exploring the Possibilities 

    Unknown author (2014-06-03)
    This project affords the trumpet ensemble the knowledge, experience, and ability to practice and perform music on a professional level.
  • ASU VETS Center Newsletter 

    Baker, Russ; Camacho, Allison; Hyde, Kerry; Swafford, Dallas; Mikulik, Kerri (Angelo State University, 2013-09-01)
    Volume 1, Issue 1 or the Angelo State University VETS (Veterans Educational and Transitional Services) Center newsletter.
  • Basil D. Arthur Scrapbook Collection 

    West Texas Collection (2015-01-29)
    Collection consists of eight scrapbooks of newspaper clippings that pertain to the town of Knickerbocker compiled by Basil D. Arthur and his daughter between the 1940’s and 1990.
  • Bats of the Devils River State Natural Area- Big Satan Unit, Val Verde County, Texas 

    Allred, F. Grayson; Dowler, Robert C.; Ammerman, Loren K. (2014-04-22)
    A survey of bats is being conducted to determine the species diversity and community composition at Devils River State Natural Area (DRSNA) – Big Satan Unit, as part of ongoing research with the Texas Parks and Wildlife ...
  • Betty Sowell Morck Genealogy Collection 

    West Texas Collection (2015-01-27)
    Betty Sowell. 1915-1989, was married to Jack Milford Morck of Long Beach, CA. She was a dedicated genealogist. Materials were organized by Walter Sowell of San Angelo, TX. The extensive material in the collection covers ...
  • “Blue Under-Shirts Upon a Line: Orrick Johns and the Genesis of William Carlos Williams’s ‘The Red Wheelbarrow’” 

    Hama, Mark (2013-10-22)
    This poster presents Mark Hama's Summer 2010 College Literature article.
  • Brady Aviation School, Curtis Field Collection 

    West Texas Collection (2015-01-27)
    Curtis Field, today the home of the municipal airport, was located in McCulloch County, TX and was named for the mayor of Brady, Harry L. Curtis, who proposed the site. Construction began in November 1940. A primary ...
  • Buttery Family Library Collection 

    West Texas Collection (2015-01-29)
    Dorothy Buttery collected books, pamphlets, and travel materials from various places and donated them to the WTC. The collection contains 15 linear feet of books (located in regular and closed stacks), pamphlets (indexed ...
  • Calculating Morality and Decision Making 

    Hansen, Joshua; Smith, Brenna; Kreitler, Crystal (2013-09-13)
    The dual-process theory of moral judgment (Greene, 2008) hypothesizes that moral responses to ethical decisions are fundamentally guided by two differing systems: one based in calculated reason (utilitarianism) and the ...
  • Captain Greg Eanes Collection 

    West Texas Collection (2015-01-29)
    Captain Eanes, an Air Force officer and one-time student at ASU, researched the battle of Sayler’s Creek at the West Texas Collection, and his father’s newspaper in Virginia published the article Eanes wrote based upon his ...
  • Changes in intake and nutritional quality of saltcedar 

    Knight, Colt (2012-05-12)
    Recently weaned Boer-cross (n=20) and Angora (n=6) goats were individually penned and fed increasing amounts of saltcedar. Weight, intake, and water consumption data were monitored. In addition, saltcedar samples were ...
  • Circadian and seasonal activity patterns of sympatric hog-nosed (Conepatus leuconotus) and striped (Mephitis mephitis) skunks 

    Cochran, Tyler (2012-08-10)
    Circadian and seasonal activity of sympatric hog-nosed (Conepatus leuconotus, n = 12) and striped skunks (Mephitis mephitis, n = 9) were monitored via activity-sensorequipped radiocollars from 15 October 2010 to 20 November ...
  • Colonel Robert E. Byrns Collection 

    West Texas Collection (2015-01-29)
    Colonel Robert E. Byrns (1910-1999) was active in the military and served in World War II before later working as a professor of history at Angelo State University. The collection contains 46 issues of Frontier Times; an ...

    Porter, Michael Lawrence (2014-05-05)
    In recent years, America has seen a rise in insider threat related incidents. Insider threats are individual with placement and access to critical infrastructures, military units, and the government and their supporting ...