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  • Visitor 

    Meehan, Trevor (2014-11-07)
  • Determining the effect of porkloin intramuscular fat content on consumer attitudes 

    Tarpley, Troy G. (2014-10-23)
    The current study evaluated consumer sensory perception, acceptance and preference of porkloin from varied intramuscular fat (IMF) categories in five states. Porkloins (NAMP #413; n =180) were selected according to National ...
  • 15th Annual Writer's Conference with Art Spielgelman 

    Spielgelman, Art; Zeni, Drianna; Pape, Amanda; Zeni, Drianna; Mangrum, Leah (RamTV, 2014-09-08)
    Presentation from Art Spielgelman, What the %@#&!! Happened to Comic Books?!
  • Library Newsletter 

    Fortin, Maurice; Allan, Mark; Ward, Antonella (Porter Henderson Library, 2006-11-15)
    Recap of events and holdings in Fall 2006
  • Library Newsletter 

    Fortin, Maurice; Allan, Mark; Paschal, Janetta (Porter Henderson Library, 2007-03-15)
    Recap of events and proposed changes in the Spring of 2007

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