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Center for Security Studies
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Journal of Teaching Effectiveness and Student Achievement
Library Collection
  • Library Newsletter 

    Fortin, Maurice (2005-11)
    Information about West Texas Collection and Cataloging unit along with up. Selective resources on finance and scholarships
  • Library Newsletter 

    Fortin, Maurice; Paschal, Janetta (2005-10)
    Report on activity of and use of library resources in fiscal year 2004. Pathfinder and selected bibliography that includes complementary resources for the 2005 E. James Holland Symposium on American Values.
  • Library Newsletter 

    Fortin, Maurice; Ward, Antonella; Paschal, Janetta (2004-10)
    Highlight of new electronic resources available in the Fall of 2004.
  • Library Newsletter 

    Fortin, Maurice; Allan, Mark; Ward, Antonella; Paschal, Janetta; Skaggs, Angela; Yang, Hongxia; Maher, Javad; Campbell, Suzanne; Richardson, Shirley; Cano, Alexander (2004-08)
    Review of resources available improvements made in the library during Fiscal Year 2004
  • Library Newsletter 

    Fortin, Maurice; Maher, Javad; Paschal, Janetta (2005-04)
    Review of activity in Spring 2005, including report from Acquisitions and Government Document departments of the library.

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